Friday, April 23, 2010

the weekend!

so here it is again, sneaking up on me!  the weekend.  most weekends i spend in front of the glow of my monitor, retouching baby snot, agonizing over which of my 12,000 or so shots from my latest session i am in love with.  HOWEVER,  this weekend is different!  one of my best friends, ashleigh, is visiting from brooklyn, and i am super excited to see her and share my little world with her.  while i technically wont be "working", i will be snapping away.  ash wants me to take some photos of her that will make her look as beautiful as she does in person!  but that's not all folks!  saturday evening we are headed over to my boyfriends sisters house to babysit his nephew, kieran.  i dont think kieran knows i have an actual face; he must think i look something like my logo, as my camera is always in front of my face when im around him!  so there will be shooting this weekend, but mostly personal work.

this saturday is the first annual bacon & beer festival in boston, which ashleigh and i were planning on going to.  unfortunately i did not realize i needed tickets, and it was sold out.  but we arent going to let that stop us from enjoying two of gods greatest gifts to man!  sunday we are going to have our own little bacon & beer fest, cooking up different kinds of bacon & drinking craft beer.  pictures to come!

i hope everyone has as awesome a weekend as i plan on having!  i shall return at the beginning of the week, with all kinds of new photos to share!

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Emily said...

(nephew Kieran) ;)

can't wait to see the shots!