Monday, September 20, 2010

be my guest, part II

sometimes bringing my camera with me takes away from really enjoying what i'm doing, but most of the time it actually makes it more enjoyable. i become much more excited about the present moment when i know i've really captured something special.

this weekend adam & i went to a wedding in maine for two of his college friends. it was one of the more unique weddings i have been to! we drove up to portland, and everyone hopped on a 2 o'clock ferry, headed for an island. the ceremony took place on the ferry, and the reception was on the little island (the name has slipped my mind).

it was pretty much the best weather you could ask for at an outdoor wedding. at a lions club overlooking the water, we played yard games (cornhole, horseshoes, etc), ate lobster & blueberry cake - good times were had by all. the light was gorgeous all day - even on the ferry. because it was so bright outside and we were in a white room, the natural light created an ethereal atmosphere.

being a guest at the wedding provides a much different photographic experience than being the hired photographer. i felt i captured some more intimate moments between friends that would generally be missed as the hired photographer. on the other hand, it is a much more distinct point of view shooting as a guest - the same 12 people or so appear throughout my images.

either way, the wedding was super fun, and i am glad to have been invited. thanks to everyone there for good times :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

be my guest

had an amazing weekend in maine celebrating the wedding of hannah & john - two of adams friends from northeastern. as a guest!!! i have more to say about it, but need to get to bed asap. write more in the morning. for now, enjoy these shots :D

Thursday, September 16, 2010

a freebie for my new fans :D

so today was my first guest blog post over at MCP actions, and i was thrilled with the positive response i got from everyone. working with photoshop on a daily basis for at least 8 hours a day, it comes second nature to me. i forget that i had to learn it step by step, and it's nice to know i can help others during photoshop frustration - because it can be VERY frustrating.

as a result of my post, i got a lot of new facebook fans, who i promised a photoshop freebie to. i designed this album cover for a sample album for myself. it's simple and elegant, and it printed beautifully!

just click on the download file link to download. enjoy!


my guest blog post for mcp actions has been posted today! AND i'm having a great hair day!

thinking of ideas for another guest post...i am throwing around the idea of white balance and skin tone, but we'll see!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

sad pie.

there's something about the movie "waitress" that really hits a note with me. maybe because it's about a passionate woman finding her way, but i think it's a darker reason. adrienne shelly, the writer, director, and co-star, was murdered after the movie was made. it's all i can think about when i watch the movie. the little girl in the movie is played by her daughter, and there is an unscripted line at the end where the daughter whispers "bye, mommy" that is eerie & heartbreaking. the movie was written by her when she was 8 months pregnant, and is inspired by her fear of being a mother. my heart breaks for her poor daughter. i love this movie, especially the styling, but it just makes me so sad. such is life.

on a lighter note...

my first guest blog post for MCP Actions gets posted tomorrow morning at 9 am! i will post a link as soon as it's up!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the airborne toxic event: up close

just returned home from the somerville theatre in davis square, after seeing one of my more recent favorite bands. adam and i have seen then about 3 or 4 times, but always at larger venues. the somerville theatre is a small, intimate setting, and for this tour added a string quartet to their ensemble. this is in addition to their violinist/pianist, 2 guitarists, 1 bassist, and a drummer. they all kind of juggle around the instruments - i feel they are all that kid in band who can magically play any instrument he picks up. so jealous!

while we had great seats, i was disappointed my good camera is getting repaired. i did bring my older one and get some ok shots, but i feel i would have gotten fantastic ones with my D700. either way, the concert was incredible, and i did manage to get a few shots i like.

this is anna. she is the violinist/pianist/singer. she is awesome, and bops around the stage, all while she is playing the violin.

this is by far my favorite picture from the evening. i hate to ruin it with my copyright!

i am trying something new with my work. well, new for me anyway! i am trying to not crop the images once i have taken the picture, and really trying to alter the image as little as i can. this is often hard for me since i am obsessed with photoshop! i am hoping this will push me to be more mindful when i frame my shots, and really find the light i want.

and this last one is my favorite interaction i got between 2 of them. it's also just happy!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Inspiration Board

Adam sits across from me, deeply concentrating on a puzzle, occasionally looking up at R2D2 beeping across the screen. I love Sundays - especially when Adam doesn't have to go to work on Monday. While I spent a good portion of the day not feeling very well, I did manage to get some work done. The company I am going through to do my branding asked me to put together an "inspiration board". Basically, a collage of things that inspire me. While it doesn't look like much, I think it is a pretty good representation of my design aesthetic. It pretty much took me all day. I really feel this element will help the designers understand my style, in a way that I could not convey to them through words. So, here it is:

I love it! It makes me feel warm, and gives me the feeling I hope people get when they look at my pictures. Does it look like me??

*none of this is my work - it is all images from off the web, a lot of it from Anthropologie.

Friday, September 3, 2010

so next thursday the branding begins! before my hour phone consultation, they asked me to put together an "inspiration board" for them to have a better idea of my style. i am very excited to put this together this weekend - maybe i will post it when i put it together.

as promised, here's some more pictures from crosby stills & nash on wednesday.

i am feeling very distracted and unable to articulate well - a bit like a goldfish, i imagine. hopefully will have more to say later this weekend.

have a good one!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crosby Stills & Nash - A Preview/Tales of Me Shreaking Like a Teenybopper September 2, 2010
kristen schueler photography

Took a midweek weekend this week, and headed up to the Berkshires with Adam to go see Crosby Stills & Nash with my parents. We had an amazing time! Just got back to Boston and I need to relax, but here is my favorite shot from the show -
Not bad for my D80.

Squealing with delight about ten minutes ago, I noticed Jasmine Star commented on my post. Let me reenact ...

eeeeEEEEEEEeeEEeEeeeeeeeEEEEE! get the idea.

More shots from the concert tomorrow. I need some quality DVR time and perhaps some foods.