Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the airborne toxic event: up close

just returned home from the somerville theatre in davis square, after seeing one of my more recent favorite bands. adam and i have seen then about 3 or 4 times, but always at larger venues. the somerville theatre is a small, intimate setting, and for this tour added a string quartet to their ensemble. this is in addition to their violinist/pianist, 2 guitarists, 1 bassist, and a drummer. they all kind of juggle around the instruments - i feel they are all that kid in band who can magically play any instrument he picks up. so jealous!

while we had great seats, i was disappointed my good camera is getting repaired. i did bring my older one and get some ok shots, but i feel i would have gotten fantastic ones with my D700. either way, the concert was incredible, and i did manage to get a few shots i like.

this is anna. she is the violinist/pianist/singer. she is awesome, and bops around the stage, all while she is playing the violin.

this is by far my favorite picture from the evening. i hate to ruin it with my copyright!

i am trying something new with my work. well, new for me anyway! i am trying to not crop the images once i have taken the picture, and really trying to alter the image as little as i can. this is often hard for me since i am obsessed with photoshop! i am hoping this will push me to be more mindful when i frame my shots, and really find the light i want.

and this last one is my favorite interaction i got between 2 of them. it's also just happy!

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