Monday, September 20, 2010

be my guest, part II

sometimes bringing my camera with me takes away from really enjoying what i'm doing, but most of the time it actually makes it more enjoyable. i become much more excited about the present moment when i know i've really captured something special.

this weekend adam & i went to a wedding in maine for two of his college friends. it was one of the more unique weddings i have been to! we drove up to portland, and everyone hopped on a 2 o'clock ferry, headed for an island. the ceremony took place on the ferry, and the reception was on the little island (the name has slipped my mind).

it was pretty much the best weather you could ask for at an outdoor wedding. at a lions club overlooking the water, we played yard games (cornhole, horseshoes, etc), ate lobster & blueberry cake - good times were had by all. the light was gorgeous all day - even on the ferry. because it was so bright outside and we were in a white room, the natural light created an ethereal atmosphere.

being a guest at the wedding provides a much different photographic experience than being the hired photographer. i felt i captured some more intimate moments between friends that would generally be missed as the hired photographer. on the other hand, it is a much more distinct point of view shooting as a guest - the same 12 people or so appear throughout my images.

either way, the wedding was super fun, and i am glad to have been invited. thanks to everyone there for good times :)

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Kate said...

Peaks Island! Love your photos, great work!