Monday, June 14, 2010

i <3 faces - all about babies!

i have perused the photo blog i <3 faces before, but this will be the first week i am entering a picture.  this weeks theme is babies, or anything related to babies, so i had to enter!  here is a picture of stanley, my best friends son.  this is his squishy picture face.  unfortunately they live on the opposite coast, so i only get to see him once a year :(  but i have many amazing pictures of him, which helps when he is so far!

to learn more about what i <3 faces is about, go to

happy monday!


Shannon Masayo said...

oh my gosh. so so cute! i love the teeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so adorable i can't get over it

Jenna said...

oh my goodness he's so cute!

Emily said...

it's a great squishy face. i wanna smoosh him.

Rikki said...

Oh those eyes and those cheeks - he is adorable ♥