Sunday, November 14, 2010

Danger is my MIDDLE, really, it is...

...Is what Jackson Danger will be saying to all the ladies (in a few years...). Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing a sleepy but smiley Jackson. It took me a while to get him to smile for me, but I was finally able to figure out that he digs the fake sneeze. Apparently my fake sneeze is HYSTERICAL!

Pictured to the left is Jackson rocking a seasonally appropriate orange thermal shirt, complete with a Moose emblem. He tried to give me blue steel, but I wouldn't have any of his shenanigans!

Jackson's father is Canadian, and I believe this little furry hooded number is a gift from one of his Canadian kin. It was super adorable on him, and this might be my favorite shot from the day!

After Jackson's shoot, his BFF's Kieran & Cece joined him for some chillaxin' (his words, not mine) at the beach.

These little models may look familiar, as they have been featured on previous posts of mine. Jackson, Cece, & Kieran...aka The Doozers. They're doozing.

Currently I am working on doggie pricing, and packages for both weddings and kiddos. My branding is also being worked on, and I am supposed to be receiving revisions tomorrow. So excited! Super busy with Christmas editing and organizing...expecting the business to really grow in 2011.

Hope everyone has a great week!



Emily said...

stunning as always, the one in the hood is PERFECT!! <3

Amy said...

I remain: one of your biggest fans ;o)

Anonymous said...

Love them Kristen! Gotta love the fake sneeze ;)