Sunday, November 7, 2010

From the Side Lines

Ever since college, my sister has been working football teams. First for UCONN football, followed my Arena football, and now Columbia. She is thoughtful enough to get permission for me to shoot games on the field :) This weekend, Columbia was at Harvard for another Ivy League battle. This was one of those times I was lucky to have an awesome sister get me a press pass to shoot from the side lines.

The main thing about shooting sports is there is lot's of rapid fire shooting. It's very difficult to catch "the moment", because often the ball travels way too fast for anyone's brain to have the chance to think "he caught it! I should take a picture!" and then our brain has to send the signal to our finger to release the shutter, and by then you've missed two plays. So there were A LOT of pictures to go through. I'll try and post more this week. BUT I have an engagement session tomorrow at Fenway park, so I'll also be posting some of those.

Wish me luck!!!

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