Thursday, August 26, 2010

being dorky has it's perks...

MOST days i don't feel old. i try and appreciate the youth i have, and am thankful for my health.

with that said, i have basically given up any hope of regular exercise again. it hurts, and who has time for it? i used to get up at 5 am and go to the gym for an hour of cardio and an hour of yoga...don't ask me how.

so, in one final attempt at trying to not be a lazy sloth, i made my boyfriend buy me dance dance revolution for my birthday. totally dorky & embarassing, but who cares? after 20 minutes of playing on basic mode, with the tempo slowed down, and the breaks between songs, i am sitting here dripping sweat. hey, if i'm going to be dorky, at least i'll look good (but not WHILE i'm doing it; i look like a seizing cat trying to walk across hot charcoal while i'm doing).

i spent a good portion of today listening to jasmine star host an online workshop. she is my new inspiration, from her shooting style to her attitude. in times of chaos, i will just stop and think, "what would jasmine do?"

here is her amazing & creative blog:

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Tracy said...

You know I love "dorky," mostly because I am a dork too - that's why we get along.